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Windows Development Fundamentals

Question No: 21

You need to display the contents of an Array List in a ListBox control. Which property should you set?

  1. DisplayMember

  2. ValueMember

  3. Dataltems

  4. DataSource

Answer: D

Question No: 22

An application uses the Debug.Write() method to output debugging messages. What will happen when you attempt to compile the application in Release mode?

  1. All Debug.Write() lines will continue to output messages to a log file.

  2. The compiler will ignore all lines that contain a call to Debug.Write().

  3. The compiler will display an error for each call to Debug.Write().

  4. All Debug.Write() lines will continue to output messages to a hidden window.

Answer: B

Question No: 23

A Windows Forms application contains three forms named BaseForm, ChildFormA, and ChildFormB. BaseForm contains a protected butto named btnHello whose background color is gray. ChildFormA and ChildFormB both inherit from BaseForm.

You set the background color of btnHello on ChildFormA to red.

On which form or forms will the background color of btnHello be changed to red?

  1. ChildFormA only

  2. ChildFormA and ChildFormB

  3. ChildFormB only

  4. ChildFormA, ChildFormB, and BaseForm

  5. ChildFormA and BaseForm

Answer: A

Question No: 24

Which Windows Forms control allows the user to select multiple items?

  1. ListBox

  2. RadioButton

  3. NumericUpDown

  4. ComboBox

Answer: A

Question No: 25

A modal form is invoked by:

  1. PerformLayout()

  2. ShowDialog()

  3. BringToFront()

  4. Show()

Answer: B

Question No: 26

A Windows form contains two buttons. When the buttons are clicked, both buttons must execute CodeBlockA.

You need to ensure that you can add new buttons to the form that will execute CodeBlockA when they are clicked.

What should you do?

  1. Create an interface that all buttons implement.

  2. Create the new buttons by using Copy and Paste in the form designer.

  3. Create a base class that all buttons inherit from.

  4. Create a shared Click event handler for all buttons.

Answer: D

Question No: 27

A Windows Forms application is written in VB.NET.

You need to keep all existing code and add new features in C*. What should you do?

  1. Add a directory to the existing VB.NET project. Place the new C# files in this directory.

  2. Add the new C# code to the existing VB.NET source files.

  3. Add the new C# files to the existing VB.NET project.

  4. Add a C# project to the existing solution. Place the new C# files in this project.

Answer: D

Question No: 28

When is the Load event of a Windows form fired?

  1. Every time the form is restored from the minimized state

  2. The first time the form is displayed

  3. Every time the form is displayed

  4. The first time an instance of the form is created

Answer: B

Question No: 29

You add an installer to a Windows Services application. Which class provides the installation functionality?

  1. GroupInstaller

  2. ProjectInstaller

  3. OutputInstaller

  4. ServiceGroupInstaller

Answer: B

Question No: 30

You place a button in the bottom-right corner of an empty Windows Form.

You need to ensure that the button stays in the bottom-right corner of the form if the form is resized.

Which property should you set on the button?

  1. Dock

  2. AutoSize

  3. Anchor

  4. Location

Answer: A

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